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A Little Bit About Lamar County, Texas

Lamar County is located just south of the Oklahoma border. It is bordered by the Red River to the north, Fannin County to the west, Red River County to the east, Hunt County to the southwest, Delta County to the South, and Franklin County to the southeast. Lamar County is comprised of 919 square miles of gently rolling pasture and farmlands that range from 400 to 635 feet above sea level. The northern half displays loamy soils that drain into the Red River, while the southern half exhibits thick, blackland clays that drain into the North Sulphur River. This rich soil combined with an average of 45 inches per year and a growing season of 228 days makes for excellent agricultural conditions.

The first Europeans to reach Lamar County were Spanish and French explorers who passed through in the 1600s. The first settlers were Anglo-Americans of largely English and Irish stock who migrated through Tennessee and Kentucky and arrived in 1815.

George W. Wright was one of Lamar County’s founding fathers. His family arrived to the future Lamar County in 1839. Wright served in the Third Congress of the Republic of Texas as a representative of Red River County where he promoted the formation of a new county in response to population growth. An act of the Fifth Congress established Lamar County and named it for Mirabeau B. Lamar on December 17, 1840 by carving out portions of Red River County. In 1844, Mr. Wright donated fifty acres for the formation of the county seat, which was named Paris.

Because of its significant distance from rail or reliable steamboat transportation, cotton was not an important cash crop and plantations were uncommon. Instead, the settlers built small farms that did not rely heavily on slave labor. As a result, Lamar County was one of the few counties to vote against secession in 1981. Once the War Between the States began, however, the citizens of Lamar County supported the Confederacy by raising regiments to fight against Federal tyranny as well as defending the western frontier from hostile Indians.

The end of the War brought increased immigration of settlers looking for affordable good farmland. This growth was spurred on by the arrival of several railroads including the Texas and Pacific, the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe, the Paris and Great Northern, and the Texas Midland. The population of Lamar County continued to grow until it reached its zenith of just over 55,000 in 1920. Partially because of changes in agricultural practices, Americans of the early twentieth century fled the rural way of life in favor of a home and job in town. As a result, the population of Rural America began to decline. The citizens of Lamar County followed this trend, and the population of the county began a ragged decline that continued for the next forty years, when it reached its nadir of just over 34,000 residents.

The population of Lamar County began to rebound after 1960 and is now right at 50,000 residents. Agricultural products have shifted from cotton to beef cattle hay production, and grains such as soybeans, wheat, corn, and sorghum. Several large agribusiness and manufacturing corporations have located plants in Lamar County, encouraging this growth in population.

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Some of Lamar County’s cities, towns, and communities we gladly serve:

Arthur City


Mount Vernon
Paris (county seat)
Pin Hook

Slate Shoals
Taylor Town