Agricultural Propane Sales & Service

We won't leave farmers out in the cold.

Over 1 billion gallons of propane are used every year on more than 600,000 farms in the United States. Propane is the first choice of many farmers because it is safe, clean, efficient and reliable. Propane is ideal on the farm because it can be safely used in hundreds of different agricultural applications:


The ease of use and reliably make propane an excellent solution to heating greenhouses. Propane has an edge over other fuels such as natural gas, in that our Texas Best Propane technicians are on call to quickly respond to any unexpected equipment failures, preventing costly damage to tender plants.

Irrigation Pumps

Propane-fueled irrigation pumps are gaining ground on diesel-powered pumps. Twenty years ago, the low price of diesel and the relative lack of governmental regulations made it a more economical choice than propane. Because of the increased government environmental regulations, today's diesel engines are more expensive and less efficient than equivalent propane models. At that time, the only engines using propane were gasoline engines that had been modified to run on propane. They were therefore relatively inefficient. Today's clean-burning, fuel-efficient, made-for-propane engines produce the same amount of power as comparable gasoline or diesel engines with fewer emissions.

Flame Weeding

Farmers are increasingly using propane gas flame weeders in the place of chemical herbicides. These farmers are reporting higher yields per acre by using propane over herbicides. Unlike with chemical herbicides, weeds have not developed resistance to a 3,623° F propane flame. According to Agricultural Flaming Innovations of Lincoln, Nebraska (, modern propane-powered weed flaming is a certified weed control technique that was developed around 70 years ago and is currently enjoying a resurgence thanks to the elevated interest in organic farming. Because of its reasonable cost, convenience, and favorable safety profile, propane remains the preferred fuel source for modern flame weed control.

Pest Control

Propane-fueled devices are designed to control mosquitoes, bed bugs, and even gophers.

Crop Drying

Propane drying systems are widely used due to the reliability of the equipment and simplicity of use, which contribute to low equipment, fuel and maintenance costs.

Poultry and Pig Brooding

Modern infrared propane brooders are more efficient and stay warmer with less heat than old forced-air furnaces. Fuel costs are also up to 25 percent less than those for forced-air furnaces.