Commercial Propane Sales & Service

We serve businesses, large and small.

If your business is looking for a commercial propane supplier for, you won't find better service than that provided by our team of professionals at Texas Best Propane. Whether your are in wholesale, retail, or the service industry, we are ready to take care of all your propane needs. From designing and building custom propane systems to routine maintenance and scheduled propane delivery, we guarantee the best available propane sales and service.

At Texas Best Propane, we realize that the day-to-day running of your company can create all sorts of headaches. We are committed to making your propane needs a non-issue in your daily operations.

Temporary Heating

Texas Best Propane has the perfect solution for all your temporary indoor and outdoor heating needs. Whether you are curing concrete, finishing drywall, drying paint, or tarring a roof; Texas Best Propane can help you to keep your construction project ahead of schedule and under budget.

Space Heating

Ultra efficient gas heating systems can be used in an array of heating applications, including central or zone, forced air and radiant systems. Propane can keep your employees and customers warm and comfortable without letting your business account feel the heat.

Water Heating

Propane water heaters are faster and more efficient than electric water heaters. Propane can heat water nearly 40 percent quicker than electricity. Propane water heaters can reduce energy costs by more than 60 percent when compared to a standard electric water heaters. And new, maximum-efficiency tankless water heaters are designed to make sure your business is never out of hot water.

Forklift Motor Fuel

Propane fueled forklifts are a common choice for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution centers. Propane gives you the speed, reliability and efficiency you need to move your products and run your business.

Powerful - Propane-powered forklifts consistently out-perform electric forklifts in both outdoor and indoor applications. Unlike many propane-powered machines, propane-powered forklifts are designed for liquid service. Propane-powered forklifts are able to lift and carry heavy loads at full capacity and reliable ground speeds on all shifts day-in and day-out. Electric machines simply can't match the power and stamina of propane-powered forklifts.

Clean-Burning - Propane is a non-toxic, clean-burning fuel that produces significantly fewer emissions including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbon, and particulate matter than comparable gasoline- or diesel-powered forklifts and allows them to be safely used indoors and out. Clean-burning propane forklifts typically meet all local, state, and Federal emissions standards. Because propane is contained in sealed bottles, spillage loss and evaporation into the atmosphere is avoided.

Versatile - Because they are clean-burning and don't mind getting wet, propane forklifts are ideal for indoor as well as outdoor applications. The same can't be said for their gasoline, diesel, and electric counterparts.

Cost-Effective - Propane forklifts offer a more efficient option to meet your needs. In addition to less expensive fuel costs, clean-burning propane forklifts enjoy lower life-cycle costs than comparable electric, diesel or gasoline-powered machines.

Longer Running - Propane forklifts using standard #33 cylinders can usually run 8 hours before refueling.

Quick and Easy Refueling - Unlike electric forklifts (which require heavy batteries, expensive chargers, and prolonged recharging times), propane forklifts can easily be refueled in five minutes by simply removing the spent propane bottle and replacing it with a charged bottle.

Low Maintenance - Clean-burning propane produces fewer engine deposits than gasoline and diesel fuel, resulting in less-frequent repairs, longer engine life, and lower maintenance costs.

Safe - Propane forklift bottles, fuel lines and other components are carefully constructed to meet or exceed strict safety specifications. Built-in safety mechanisms are designed to automatically shut off the flow of fuel in case of an accident.

Food Service

Whether your restaurant / catering service needs propane for the ovens and stoves, tankless water heaters, central heat systems, portable patio heaters, LPG food trucks and delivery vans, or all of the above - our professionals at Texas Best Propane will make sure you're cooking with gas.

Free Consultation Services

The professionals at Texas Best Propane routinely provide personalized consultation to local businesses looking to build new propane systems or to overhaul their existing systems. We won't show up with that old cookie-cutter approach. We understand that your business is unique, as are your business' needs. We use a commonsense approach and work with your staff to arrive at an ideal solution.

The intricacies of today's commercial applications can become overwhelming. Whether it is the selection of appropriate equipment and gas appliances, choosing the correct regulators and best piping routes, determining your optimal storage capacities, or deciding on above ground or underground propane tank placement - we're here to help.

Our Texas Best Propane professionals can also help you decipher the myriad local, state and federal bureaucratic rules and regulations that can lead to costly work stoppages, budget overages, and even penalties or fines.

Convenient Refueling Options

Propane Bottle Exchange - Texas Best Propane's commercial bottle exchange program provides our commercial customers with propane bottle cages containing charged propane bottles and additional cages to store your depleted propane bottles. Our propane professionals will make scheduled deliveries to ensure you never run out of propane. We use standard #33 aluminum propane bottles and bottle cages to keep your propane bottles safe and secure.

On-Site Bottle Refilling - Texas Best Propane commercial customers who require large volumes of propane often opt for our on-site propane bottle-refilling program. A bulk storage tank with a propane bottle-filling station installed at your facility gives you the flexibility of refilling propane bottles as needed. Our professionals routinely inspect your propane bottles and bottle-refilling station to ensure everything is in working order. Our on-site filling option provides another safe and convenient system for your business and propane forklifts.